Transform your on-site conference into online event with the professional and custom made solutions delivered by Vidict Media Server.

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Why we are different

Online conferences and concerts require video streaming expertise and infrastructure. Vidict Meet is at the front-end of a server network with capacity for supporting half a million simultaneous viewers
Stage screen at concerts allows even the fans standing farthest away from the scene to see the performing band. Vidict Meet turns every device screen into stage screen.

About Us

Vidict Media Server is small company with great innovative potential because of experience in programming, the use of programming languages and operating systems.
Vidict team creates streaming platforms, CDNs and P2P algorithms used by hundreds of thousands viewers at once.

Some facts:
473.000 concurrent viewers
ICC world Cup Cricket
7000 TB of video traffic
3500 years of continuous live video
30 000 video requests per one second
We have developed video CDN for live streaming video on web for our clients. Currently, our solution is one of the fastest on video response and can handle more then 30 000 video requests per one second.
Online live streaming technicians with 10+ years of exp in live streaming. We know what we are doing.

In our past, we had proven ourselves as serious and reliable company.

Meet The Team

Our team is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced designers, developers and programmers. Their passion and commitment to the success of our customers and partners is evident in our culture and products.

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